How do I get a library card?

Getting a library card is easy! However, you must be a resident of Forsyth and you must show a picture ID which verifies your Forsyth address for adults, or a parent’s signature for children under 14 years of age. Library cards are valid for three years and can be renewed by presenting proof of current address.

A person must have only one library card, so cards from other libraries must be relinquished when a new one is applied for and received.

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What if I don’t have a Forsyth address?

You must have a Forsyth address to apply for a Forsyth Library card. If you live in a different community, you must get a card from your “home library.” Although we cannot issue cards to residents other than those in Forsyth, we are happy to honor cards from other libraries.

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What if I have a non-resident card that I purchased from another library?

Forsyth Public Library is a non-participating library meaning that we neither sell nor honor non-resident library cards that have been purchased at other libraries. For a complete list of those libraries that do sell and honor non-resident cards check out the Rolling Prairie Library System website.

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What are the loan periods?

DVDs can be checked out for seven days. New adult fiction and periodicals (magazines) can be checked out for two weeks. All other materials, including videos, new non-fiction and audiobooks have a loan period of three weeks. Most items can be renewed one time. Renewal can take place in person, on line, or over the phone.

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May I checkout magazines and newspapers?

Magazines, except for the most recent issue, can be checked out for two weeks. Previous issues for 3 to 4 months are kept under the current copies. Older issues are kept in the periodical room and can be retrieved by a staff member. Newspapers cannot be checked out.

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How many items can I take out at one time?

The limit on DVDs is seven titles at one time. There are no limits on other items, though you may have trouble keeping track of your library materials if you take out large numbers at one time.

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What if I can’t find the item I’m looking for?

There are several options available to you.

  1. If we have the item and it is currently checked out, we can place a hold for you and notify you as soon as it is available.
  2. If we do not own the item, it can be obtained by borrowing it from another library through interlibrary loan. It’s a quick and simple process that can be done in the library or from your home computer. Ask a staff member to demonstrate this process to you.
  3. If the item is available at another library, you can travel to that location and check the title out with your Forsyth library card. Your card is valid at Decatur Public Library, Barclay Library in Warrensburg, and libraries in Clinton, Argenta and Springfield.

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What if I lose my library card?

Always report a stolen or lost library card so that others do not use it. Lost cards can be replaced for a $1.00.

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Are there fines for late materials?

Yes, a charge of 10 cents per item per day is charged for all late materials, up to a limit of $5.00. Additional materials cannot be checked out until all fines are cleared.

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Can I return my Forsyth library books at another library?

Yes, though it is always safer to return books to the library from which they were checked out, and you are responsible for the books until they reach the destination library.

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Where can I get more information?

Call the library at 217-877-8174 or stop and see us at 268 S. Elwood, north of the post office in Forsyth.

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