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A park at last for the Village’s far northwest side

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Public Works Director Larry Coloni agrees with trustee Eric Morr’s recent assessment that “…it’s been a long journey” in the development of a pocket park to be located in the northwest section of the Village.

The land is located on the south side of County Highway 20, directly across from the entrance to Shadow Ridge Estates. Developer Steve Horve had the option of donating the land or an equivalent amount of money based on the percent of developable acreage in Shadow Ridge Estates, which is the Village’s newest subdivision.

Coloni said $23,240 in playground equipment scheduled to arrive in August will be installed by early fall, but the completed park with amenities that mirror the Village’s other six pocket parks will not be ready until another round of capital budget decisions in early 2013. Trustee Morr said traffic control barriers and coordination with the county for a reduction in the speed limit along County Highway 20 remain on the list of items the Village wants as part of the new park. Coloni said he would like to see a parking lot added, too. Once completed, the newest pocket park will cost approximately $40,000, he said.

Resident Sid Audiffred of 5244 Yavapai Drive observed at a recent Board meeting that “…the utilization of some of these [parks] is pretty low” and questioned the practicality in building more. Throughout the years, Coloni said, the Village’s pocket parks have been viewed as “…an attraction for younger children so parents don’t have to drive … the public likes them.” He said maintenance of the pocket parks is minimal. “Once up and running, it’s just a matter of checking them for vandalism,” he said.

This park is expected to serve residents in Grayhawk and Shadow Ridge Estates subdivisions.

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