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All signs point to Forsyth Park’s new disc golf course

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Forsyth Park Disc Golf Course has been open for a few weeks, but now the individual hole signs are in to help guide golfers around the course.

According to Trustee Bob Gruenewald, there’s still one sign left to install.

“There’s one more sign to go, and it’s the overall map of the course,” Gruenewald said. “It’s a 4-foot by 6-foot sign that will go near the parking lot between the two ball diamonds.”

Gruenewald said the only thing left to do now is to drop by Decatur Blueprint and proof the sign one last time to give it final approval. He planned to take care of that task immediately.

The main message Gruenewald wanted to send to the public was that the disc golf course is open and ready for play.

“Everyone’s welcome,” he said. “It’s open, and we don’t want anyone to walk away feeling anything but positive after playing our disc golf course. We’ve had super positive comments about it.”

Gruenewald said the initial goal was to have a tournament-quality course that would welcome people in to play in tournaments every year.

“That’s why we used hotel/motel tax funds to build it,” he said “We wanted to bring people to visit our community.”

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