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ASA event a win, village seeks 2nd tourney

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Who knew what a good spot Forsyth Park would be for hosting the 2014 Illinois Amateur Softball Association Men’s Class C Fast Pitch State Tournament last month?

Teri Hammel, executive director of the Decatur Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, may have not known for sure, but she seems to have had a better idea about the outcome than anyone else. She visited the board on Aug. 18 to offer an official recap of the ASA tournament.

“I’m very excited,” Hammel said. “I think it was amazing, great weather, the beer tent, concessions – all good.” ASA executives were also very happy with the venue, Hammel said. In fact, she said, so happy that they’d like to get it on next year’s calendar again for the first week of August. She added that they were also impressed with their accommodations at Homewood Suites.

“They loved it,” she said from the podium. “Kudos to Steve Horve.”

Hammel reported that overall there were 32 room nights at two hotels.

Players, she said, had positive comments for the condition of the fields. She did think the beer tent hours could be tweaked to offer players more of an opportunity to visit them.

Trustee Larry Reed said he heard family members of players saying that they liked the convenience of the playground area and the nearby shopping.

Things went well enough that Hammel suggested it might be a good idea to attract two softball events for next year instead of just the one. It turned out that trustees agreed. They asked her to try to land that additional tournament for the park for 2015.

The event was unique for the village, particularly because alcohol was served, and a special event license had to be issued.

The board first had to approve the sale and consumption of alcohol on public property before the license could be applied for.

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