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Battle ready for mosquitoes

Thursday, July 17, 2014

It’s that time of year when Public Works Director Larry Coloni and his crews are out doing battle on our behalf. That means it’s mosquito-killing season.

The annual fogging program hasn’t started yet, mainly because of the weather and for the fact that there haven’t been many complaints yet. But, Coloni is more than prepared.

“The fogger is loaded up and ready to go,” he said, “just waiting for the right weather conditions.”

The stuff he uses is expensive, so he always tries to work with a well-conceived plan and under the most preferred weather conditions. It does sound a bit like a battle plan.

Coloni said he can’t fog for mosquitoes when the temperature outside is above 85 degrees or below 60 degrees. And the wind has to be just right: It’s ineffective to fog when the wind is blowing above 5 m.p.h.

The process actually gets going in May with a larvicide treatment that is applied to standing water and catch basins, a strategy that prevents breeding.

“We started again in May this year, when the weather started warming up, to get ahead of the breeding season,” Coloni said.

The larvicide he uses is called BTI. It dooms mosquitoes, but it doesn’t harm pets or birds, he said.

Coloni is always on the job in some form or another trying to come up with the most effective ways to combat a specific problem in the village. A new idea that he stumbled upon recently for fighting mosquitoes has to do with taking a fan outside with you.

“I read an article that said taking a fan outside on your deck helps keep the mosquitoes down because they are not good fliers,” Coloni said. Sounds worth a try.

Coloni said not to discount areas that may have even a small amount of water like a kids’ pool, for example. And, if you have a swimming pool that is not in use this year, that could also pose a problem. Large pools that aren’t being treated with chemicals will have dirty water that will attract mosquitoes, he said. Either kind of pool, big or small, could be a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

One of his most effective tools in fighting mosquitoes, Coloni said, is getting help from residents.
“We need the public’s help in identifying trouble spots where mosquitoes have gotten bad,” he said. “It might be fine at my house, but a few blocks away, you might be having trouble. So just let us know, and we’ll come treat the area.”

Coloni and his staff will respond to complaints in specific areas and will keep up the good fight in one form another from May through September, ending with the first frost in October. Coloni’s approach is a pretty simple one – he just wants to keep people comfortable, and he doesn’t want them bothered.

And, if you know of a problem area, Coloni wants to hear from you: “Get in touch if you’re having troubles.”

Potential danger spots

  • Gutters that hold water
  • Water dish left outside for your dog
  • Bird baths
  • Water landscape features, like a pond
  • Unused, untreated swimming pools, big and small

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