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Bids received for Oreana water main project

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Six bids have been received for the Village’s portion of construction and engineering costs to build a water main from Forsyth to supply water to the Village of Oreana. The project has been in the preliminary phase for more than two years as the necessary land easements were acquired. It is currently budgeted for completion during this fiscal year at a cost of $552,000, more than 40 percent of the 2011-12 capital budget. Oreana also recently put its portion of the construction and engineering costs out for bid.

Of the six bids received by Forsyth, the lowest was from Central Subsurface Contracting of Illinois Inc. at a total cost of $387,143. The highest bid received was more than $702,000.

Oreana received seven bids, but one was incomplete and thus disqualified. That community’s lowest bid received was from C & S Companies Inc. for a total cost of $584,349 compared to a high bid of $1,022,471.51.

The Board will consider awarding the project at an upcoming meeting, conditional upon Oreana’s awarding of a contract on its portion of the project.

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