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Board members can now attend meetings remotely

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trustee Kerstin Trachtenberg supported adoption of an ordinance to allow trustees’ remote attendance at Village Board meetings to achieve greater community involvement. Trustees approved the policy Oct. 17.

“More people might be inclined to serve on the Board,” Trachtenberg said in supporting the new ordinance, which was recommended by Village Administrator Heather Kimmons. Kimmons also authored a related attendance policy applicable only to Village trustees, not committees or commissions.

Trustees may now attend any open or closed meeting of the Board from a remote location via telephone, video or Internet connection, provided that certain procedures are followed. Kimmons said physical attendance at meetings is preferred, and as such the law does require a quorum of the Board to be physically present at the meeting site; however, permitting remote attendance in limited and delineated circumstances will allow a trustee not to have to choose between carrying out job responsibilities and duties as a trustee when occasional scheduling conflicts arise. Trustee Eric Morr supported the concept after recent careerrelated instances caused him to be absent from important Board meetings when new business was conducted.

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