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Board votes no on closed session

Thursday, May 12, 2011

In a 3-2 vote, trustees voted against going into a closed session at the May 2 Board meeting. Trustee Steve Hubbard had asked that the Board enter a closed session.

Before voting, some trustees cited a lack of knowledge about the reason for a closed session.

“I have made a decision not to go into a closed session until I understand the reason for it,” said trustee Bob Rasho.

“Whenever we’ve gone into closed session, I’ve known what it was going to be about,” said trustee Marilyn Johnson. “This is the first time I haven’t known.”

When asked, Hubbard said the session concerned a sensitive legal matter he wouldn’t discuss outside the session. The trustees, Village attorney and administrator discussed the various reasons allowed for calling a closed session, including litigation, employee performance and land acquisition. Rasho expressed concern that trustee Jeff Allsup’s term was ending at the meeting before the closed session vote would be taken, leaving the Board without his wisdom and experience to address the unknown issue.

“Normally, I would not be making an issue of this, but ... we are going to have a new trustee [Kerstin Trachtenberg] come in and decide if we go into a closed session or not. That’s not fair to her,” Rasho said.

Ultimately, the Board decided to move the closed session vote higher on the agenda so Allsup could be present. The vote was Rasho, Johnson and Allsup, no; Hubbard and Larry Reed, yes. Trustee Eric Morr was absent.

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