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Bridge repair work was a model project

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Repair work on the Weaver Road bridge was completed on time and under budget. Trustees recently approved the final payment to Halverson Construction Co. Inc., bringing the total project to $171,767, well under the budget of $246,000.

The project was finished in time for motorists and pedestrians to travel on Weaver Road during the Tate & Lyle Players Championship June 13-19 at Hickory Point Golf Course, and the Forsyth Family Fest held June 17-18.

The actual repair work began last fall. Among the repairs on the 30- year-old structure were the replacement of the sidewalk on either end of the bridge and work to replace damaged anchor bolts that entailed jacking up the beams.

Trustee Eric Morr, the former chairman of the now disbanded Parks and Recreation Committee, took note of the cost savings during the June 6 Board meeting and indicated that he was “…keeping track of underspent budget items so that maybe we can scrape together the money to put up lights [on ball Diamond No. 4].”

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