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Candidates talk school district tax referendum

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Outgoing Trustee Bob Rasho was in the audience for the candidate forum. He said he hoped someone else would have posed the question, but since no one had, he asked candidates if they planned to vote for the upcoming tax referendum that the Maroa-Forsyth School District is seeking. If it passes, the measure will provide $745,000 per year in revenue for the school district starting in the 2016-17 school year. Rasho called it a “big challenge” and a “quality of life issue.”

Trachtenberg said that while she believes in healthy schools and believes they are vital to the community, she does not support the referendum.

“Lots of communities are in the same situation but not in such a crisis,” she said. “Until there’s a clear explanation of what went wrong, I can’t support it … or until new people are in place after the election.”

Peck said he planned to vote in favor of the referendum but admitted there needs to be some changes.
“I absolutely will vote yes,” he said. “I’ve always supported that school, and I always will.”

He said he would vote yes despite the fact that he’s a conservative, but he saw no other way for the district to get out of the trouble it’s in.

Reed said he had gone back and forth on the issue and how he would vote. He said he didn’t think the evening’s forum was necessarily the place to discuss the issue saying he might vote for it, and he might not. In the end, he said, with all of his years working in education, he would probably have to vote for it when the time came.

Audiffred said he was disappointed in the school board and that he would definitely not support the vote.

“Why we built the football facility, we have 300 students, artificial turf, artificial track, scoreboard, concession stand,” Audiffred said. “It’s a beautiful facility, but we couldn’t afford it.”

He called the current problems with the school district “mismanagement.”

“And, I’m not going to vote to give more money for mismanagement.” 

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