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Center surveys due November 20

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Just a friendly reminder that the deadline to submit community center surveys is fast approaching. Be sure that your voice is heard by turning in your survey by November 20.

The Community Center Committee began working on designing the survey back in September and had it delivered with November 1 utility bills. The goal is to give everyone an opportunity to participate in the process.

The survey allows residents to weigh in with their opinions regarding whether the Village should or should not build a community center. You will also have the chance, via the survey, to communicate what preferences you have for the facility’s amenities and features.

Remember you have the option of completing the paper survey that came with your November utility bill, or you can complete an online version of the survey.

The Village won’t make a decision whether to move forward with the project until responses have been received. If the response is positive, the committee will begin discussions about where to locate the facility, financing options, in addition to options for amenities and features.

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