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Chili cookoff proceeds down from last year

Thursday, March 03, 2011

A decline in ticket sales and fewer sponsors will mean less funding for the two charities that benefit from the annual Great Forsyth Regional Chili & Salsa Cookoff held in January.

Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army will divide $5,756 in proceeds compared to the $7,800 resulting from last year’s event. Mayor Hap Gilbert said this year’s amount “...was the only disappointing thing” about the eighth annual cookoff sponsored by the Economic Development Committee which he chairs.

The mayor attributed the decline to the lack of entry fees from the participants in the international competition and a decrease in the number of sponsors for the event. While overall attendance was greater this year compared to previous years, only about 40 international cooks were registered, he said. There were also 29 contestants participating in a local celebrity chili cookoff organized by Kim Nelson, a committee member. First place went to Commander Max Austin of the Macon County Sheriff’s Office. The People’s Choice Award was won by the Salvation Army.

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