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Christmas Tree-lighting at park a big hit

Thursday, December 17, 2015

In what is hoped will become an annual tradition, the inaugural Christmas Tree-Lighting in Forsyth Park was described as a big hit, according to the event’s main organizer, Trustee Kerstin Trachtenberg.

Trachtenberg estimated that attendance was at about 200 people on the evening of Sunday, Dec. 6 when the weather was less than perfect.

Santa Claus made a surprise visit, and there were horse and buggy rides, with horses decked out in their own festive jingly bells. And, buggy riders provided some of the Christmas music by singing carols as they rode along.

The Northeast Community Fund benefited from donations of more than 80 cans of food.

Trachtenberg offered special thanks to Shauna Bohlmann, Brandi Binkley and Grace Erker (members of the activities and events committee). In addition, Trachtenberg singled out Dave Dunn, who she said spent most of a week putting lights on trees, and she thanked Bart Cochran and Larry Coloni. Daniel Rogers provided music while Justin Newfield, Adam Lewis and Lydia and Stacey Hubbard were outstanding as cocoa servers. Trachtenberg also thanked Tom Austin for coming “in cognito,” as she described him.

Lastly, at the Dec. 7 board meeting, Mayor Marilyn Johnson thanked Trachtenberg herself for all her hard work on this first-ever Christmas Tree-lighting event. Several board members commented on what a special evening it was. If you missed out on this first one, be sure to watch for it to come around next year.

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