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Christopher, Spyglasses and Schroll Court: On deck for street repairs

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Four Forsyth streets will receive an alternate paving treatment when resurfaced this year as part of the Village’s 2011 street improvements project.

The Village has budgeted to spend up to $647,000 this fiscal year on street repairs for Christopher Drive and Spyglass Boulevard and Spyglass Court in Stevens Creek Pointe and Schroll Court in Schroll Pointe Estates. Originally, just an asphalt overlay was planned for those streets, but on June 6, trustees followed a recommendation from Village Engineer Chuck Hunsinger and instead approved adding a process that was used last year to resurface Loma Drive in Forsyth Estates and Lucile Avenue on the east side of the Village.

The alternative treatment Hunsinger recommended involves applying a base of soil cement under the asphalt overlay on the streets. This base modification process entails milling the street and taking out two inches before adding the soil cement and topping it with a two-inch overlay. Using this alternative process means a cost savings of approximately $30,000 that would have been spent on patching holes and cracks in the original plan to do just an asphalt overlay, according to the engineer.

There is some risk involved with unanticipated field conditions, Hunsinger said. “We’ve looked at the surface [of the streets] and seen where the failures are. But wet/bad spots in the base can mean extras [expenses],” he said. In order to be most cost effective prior to bidding, he said a soil-cement base design will be performed to help determine the amount of cement required.

Adding the base modification process means that the full road width must be closed during the milling operation. Typically, these types of closures last a portion of the work day. Overall, the engineers say this process takes less time than the patching. Hunsinger said he will announce bidding and construction timetables once the plans are complete.

Other Village street maintenance this fiscal year includes street joint repair for Eagle Ridge Estates subdivision and spot repairs for Oakland Avenue, according to Public Works Director Larry Coloni.

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