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Closed session meeting minutes reviewed

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The minutes of all closed sessions involving public bodies such as Forsyth's Village Board must be reviewed periodically, but no less than twice a year in accordance with the Illinois Open Meetings Act.

The purpose of the reviews is to determine if there is a need for continued confidentiality, or if the information is available for public inspection through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Village Administrator Heather Kimmons said the minutes from Forsyth's closed sessions have not been reviewed as required. In her role as administrator, she said she feels obligated to ensure the Village is in full compliance with all state laws, including but not limited to, the Open Meetings Act.

Toward the goal of compliance, trustees began reviewing the oldest sets of closed meeting minutes at their Sept. 7 meeting. As a result of that review, several sets of minutes were deemed to be open to public inspection. The Mayor and Board of Trustees will review more closed meeting minutes during the next several Board meetings and will review the same no less than twice each year.

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