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Community center survey coming in mail

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Community Center Committee has been working since September on designing a survey instrument and on a method for distributing it so that everyone has the opportunity to offer their opinion about the possibility of building a community center.
The survey the committee has come up with will be included in November 1 utility bills. Residents are encouraged to fill out the surveys to provide their input on whether the Village should or should not pursue building a community center and, if so, what amenities and features the facility should have. Over the years this topic has been discussed by different Boards, but that’s as far as the process has gone.

The options for completing the survey include using the paper survey that will come with your November utility bill, or you may wish to complete an online version of the survey. If you choose the online option, you will find a link on the Village’s website.

November 20 is the deadline for responses to be received.

If residents indicate that they do want to move forward with a community center, the committee will begin the process of discussing amenities, features, financing and possible locations. 

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