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Community says farewell to longtime Village Clerk Kathy Mizer upon her retirement

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kathy Mizer is one of those hard-working public servants who keeps a low profile while quietly doing the people’s business. If you’ve lived in this community for even a short amount of time, chances are that Mizer has touched you and your family in some way.

She’s been on staff at Village Hall since 2001 and has performed countless duties while serving several boards, several mayors and a number of administrators. But, in the end, she was always serving her fellow residents.

Village Administrator David Strohl has been on the job since the first of the year, but he knows what an important role Mizer has played for these many years.

“Kathy’s been a valuable asset to the village and its residents,” Strohl said. “She has worn a lot of hats and performed a variety of duties. She’ll truly be missed.”

Village resident Cheryl Quandt would certainly agree. During the public comment portion of the June 16 board meeting, Quandt stood before the board to publicly express her gratitude to Mizer for her years of dedication and service to the community.

“I’d like to thank Kathy Mizer for the awesome job she’s done,” Quandt said from the podium. “You’re going to be a hard person to replace.”

Friends, family, former and current colleagues and former and current bosses all gathered on June 18 to wish Mizer well at a reception held at the Community Center inside the Forsyth Library. There were cakes and cards and handshakes and hugs, and of course, laughter mixed with some tears.

Mayor Marilyn Johnson was there to say farewell to a colleague and friend.

“Kathy has been my right hand,” the mayor said. “She’s not only been my supporter, but also my friend.”

When faces around a meeting seemed to wear a question mark, they usually turned toward Mizer for guidance. For good reason. No matter which meeting of which commission and no matter the time of day or night, she always seemed to know her way through the complexities of municipal government, a fact not lost on Johnson.

“Any question I had about the village, Kathy would find the answer for me,” Johnson said.

Mizer’s duties over the years have covered a lot of ground. She’s kept the corporate seal and all records belonging to the village. She attended all meetings of the board and kept the official record of the board’s proceedings. In her duties as clerk, she published and attested to all resolutions and ordinances, contracts or other agreements passed by the board. She maintained and ensured the village code was up to date, served as local election official for the village and issued most licenses and permits for the village. She assisted with code enforcement and served as the village’s information technology administrator. She served as assistant zoning officer and staff liaison in support of the Planning and Zoning Commission, where she functioned as secretary and processed requests for variances and special use permits. She served as assistant village administrator since 2011.

Exhausting, indeed, but she still had the energy to get on her bike and hit the village’s walking trails every day.
Kathy and Steve Mizer have been married for 39 years. Guess how many moves they’ve made in that time? With this upcoming move east for retirement, it’ll make 39. That’s a daunting number, and the average is pretty simple to figure out, but it’s even more daunting when you figure they’ve been in Forsyth for 14 years. Steve’s career as an Air Force traffic controller explains the nomadic life they’ve led. They are now headed off to Maryland’s Eastern Shore to be near family.

Strohl conveyed a decent sentiment: “We wish her and her husband, Steve, the best as they begin a new chapter in their lives.”

The last word went to the mayor, who seemed to strike the perfect words as she pondered the question of what this farewell would mean.

“She’s just good to everybody — good and kind. I will miss her.”

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