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Compliance audit identifies 161 possible ordinance violations

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Building Inspector Linn Summers is completing a compliance audit to address Village ordinance violations ranging from sheds and fences to swimming pools, dumpsters and unlicensed vehicles. By mid-December, Summers had identified 161 possible violations.

“Some of these are multiple violations for a single residence or business,” said Village Clerk/ Assistant Village Administrator Kathy Mizer, who is compiling the figures. Among the violations, 119 were shed-related, 13 involved trash/dumpster issues and the balance was for 13 swimming pools, 10 vehicles and six tree houses.

Village Administrator Mike Miller is the Village’s zoning officer and said he addresses each violation once it is found. Village residents are notified via registered mail about the five-day compliance requirement. Of the total violations cited to date, 38 residents have responded with a plan for compliance and 22 have already resolved the violation. Miller said it is incumbent upon him to maintain an inventory of violations.

Below is a closer look at the Village ordinance covering trash enclosures used by businesses. Summers’ audit found 13 businesses in violation of this ordinance.

Trash Enclosures for Commercial Businesses
Section 5.5 B (10) of the Forsyth Zoning Ordinance states that trash receptacles shall be enclosed by masonry walls or quality wood fencing, designed to match the building. Enclosures shall be constructed to be equal to or taller than the height of the tallest bin proposed for use. Trash enclosures shall be provided with gates to contain blowing trash, and a concrete pad and approach apron.

“Enclosures keep trash from scattering across property creating litter and also help keep animals out of the trash. Overall, they just make the property look nicer,” said Village Administrator Mike Miller. “Compliance with this code is the responsibility of the business owner.”

For questions about this or other code requirements, call Village Hall at 877-9445.

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