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Comprehensive plan, unified ordinance underway

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A fix is in the works for signage problems and other associated issues that have plagued Village administration and drawn complaints from business owners, developers and residents.

“I have every confidence that one year from now we will have a comprehensive plan and unified development ordinance which will combine the zoning ordinance and subdivision ordinance,” said Village Administrator Heather Kimmons. She reminds residents to step up and participate in Teska’s brief online survey that can now be found through a link on the Village’s website at

Teska is the consulting company that has partnered with the Village to help solve these problems. She said a larger response will give Teska more information for moving forward in the process.

“It’s not an easy fix … the zoning ordinance is a mess,” Kimmons said. Zoning issues will be tackled once the long-term comprehensive plan gets underway in big areas such as the Village’s signage. “The zoning ordinance is difficult for me to understand, and I’m professionally trained in interpreting legislation… it’s certainly more than what I expect [Planning & Zoning Commission] members to fix,” Kimmons said. She said the project is so large and complicated that a lack of available staff manpower necessitated seeking outside help with Teska’s services.

The zoning ordinance was developed in 1993 with sections that reflect a time inconsistent with today’s zoning standards, according to previous Village Administrator Austin Edmondson. In early 2009, he initiated a study with Teska to study the existing zoning ordinance, recent text amendments and the zoning map. At that time, it was determined that a second phase of the review would be needed to complete the actual update.

The chairman of the Planning & Zoning Commission recently decried what he sees as a prevailing attitude among trustees to grant sign variances which, at times, appear to go counter to commission recommendations conforming with the Village’s current comprehensive plan and ordinances. Cited was the recent Board approval for McDonald’s restaurant to retain use of its existing pole signs. Steve Langhoff said that some businesses are granted special use permits while others are not, and he has asked for a level playing field.

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