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Connie’s Country Greenhouse adds gift shop

Thursday, December 11, 2014

When you think of doing business with Connie Burgett, owner of Connie’s Country Greenhouse, you’re thinking about things that grow out of the earth.

You go to Connie’s when you’re looking for hanging baskets, combination baskets, annuals and perennials. Or maybe you’ve got a pretty big landscaping project you’re needing some professional help with.

“We also have unusual plants, like tropicals,” Connie says.

OK, sure, that sounds right. And, all of that is still true, but she’s expanded beyond what most of her customers have come to expect from her. There’s so much more to the business these days, according to Connie herself.

“I’ve been in business for 20 years and never had a gift shop … until now,” she says.

Her location in Latham didn’t allow for it, but her new location in Forsyth, at 350 S. Route 51, gives her room to be creative in ways other than those related to her green thumb.

Her gift shop might surprise you with its array of selections, including an area for kids with a heavy Disney “Frozen” theme. She’s got art from Terry Redlin and Dave Barnhouse. She’s got soaps and even some tasty dips and pepper jellies. There’s terrarium kits and concrete statuaries and more.

Connie’s isn’t just a spring and summer destination when growing plants is what’s on your mind. Now, it’s a place where you might find much-needed help with your holiday shopping.

For more information, call Connie’s Country Greenhouse at 875-7795.

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