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Coyote activity on the rise in Village

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Take special care of small pets

Macon County Sheriff’s Deputy Travis Wolfe spoke to trustees at the December 5 board meeting about reports of increased activity at night by coyotes. Wolfe said coyotes have been seen recently coming into the Village. One of the reports, he said, came from a deputy who lives in the area.

Wolfe warned residents to use caution, especially if you are the owner of a small dog. That means that putting your dog out in the yard alone, even if it’s fenced, could put your pet in danger. A dog left in a yard equipped with an invisible fence would also be vulnerable to the dangers posed by wild animals, as would a cat that’s let out at night to roam.

The University of Illinois Extension advises that small pets not be outside unattended at night. It is not unusual, according to recent media reports, for family pets to go missing when coyotes live as nearby as they do here.

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