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DCS hopes to be active community member

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Decatur Christian School (DCS) enters its third academic year in Forsyth with a commitment to involve its high school students in Forsyth community projects.

Brian Minott, the school’s assistant principal, shared the school’s vision with trustees at their Aug. 1 meeting and asked for ideas on how the school could become part of the community. “We’re not a large school, but an effective school; we want a fantastic private school system,” he told trustees. He said the school wants to continue to grow.

Approximately 225 preschool, elementary and secondary students attend classes in the building located on Grant Street which once served as Maroa-Forsyth Grade School and which DCS purchased in 2009 from Maroa-Forsyth School District. Of this total, Minott said between 80-85 are seniors who are asked to contribute 15 hours of volunteer service outside the home. He suggested that trustees consider tapping into volunteerism by allowing the students to become an integral part of the community through projects and services that range from helping senior citizens to participation in community events such as the Forsyth Family Fest. As the school’s community service projects coordinator, Minott said he would welcome a dialogue with trustees.

Trustee Kristin Trachtenberg said she supports the school’s efforts while Village Administrator Heather Kimmons commented that the Village is “open to ideas.” Trustee Eric Morr asked Minott when the school will change its name to reflect the community in which it now operates.

“It’s been on the table … we’re in a new building and a new community, and it has been up for discussion,” Minott answered. He said DCS has operated for 38 years using its present name. “There are a lot of legal and financial ramifications,” he said of such a change.

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