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Decatur tourism official tells village she’s eager to help promote Forsyth

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Teri Hammel, the new executive director of the Decatur Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, along with her staff, made a courtesy call to the July 15 board meeting.

Recent restructuring has brought significant changes to the bureau with Hammel, who has been on the job since spring, telling trustees that “it’s a new day for us (at the bureau), and hopefully it’s a new day for you.”

She turned and asked her staff members to introduce themselves: Sarah Conley, Amber Jackson and Katrina Wilkerson each did so while describing their individual duties.

Hammel said her goals include making the relationship between the village and the bureau stronger and to use Forsyth’s dollars wisely with the help of “a lot of great ideas” from her “great team.”

“We welcome the opportunity to work with you,” she said.

Hammel was eager to explain her philosophy about promoting tourism in Forsyth and the area. She mentioned that in her 16 years of experience with the bureau — since 1997 — she’s learned the do’s and don’ts of the business. She said it’s her goal to promote all the village’s facilities to visitors. She said that a Decatur/Forsyth restaurant guide would be a valuable resource for anyone paying a visit to the area.

In a later discussion on youth baseball and how to attract teams here for large tournaments, Hammel told the board: “This is what we do. We know how to run baseball tournaments. We know how to bring them in.

“These events bring money back to your community.”

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