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Developer expresses interest in parcel at Prairie Winds

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Village Administrator David Strohl reported to trustees at the November 7 Board Meeting that a developer had shown interest in potentially developing Lot 1 at Prairie Winds.

The cost for the minimum amount of infrastructure — a street coming in from Highway 20 and putting in water and sewer lines — would have to be funded. Strohl said a rough estimate of infrastructure costs, per the Village’s engineer, was about $458,000.
Strohl emphasized that the dollar amount was “just for discussion purposes” to determine the level of interest on the part of the Board.

Overall, trustees were interested as long as there was cost-sharing between the developer and the Village and asked that Strohl pursue further discussions with the developer.

“We don’t have to be made whole, but we should negotiate some cost-sharing,” Trustee Steve Hubbard said. “We have an obligation to develop this land.” 

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