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Eagle Ridge project beats deadline

Thursday, November 13, 2014

During the staff reports portion of the board meeting on Nov. 3, Trustee Bob Gruenewald commented that the Eagle Ridge pavement reconstruction project “looks like it’s gone as smooth as possible.”

Village Engineer, David Harp, of Bainbridge, Gee and Milanski & Associates, Inc., responded to Gruenewald’s comment saying that there were really only some finishing touches to be added and some curb work to be completed. He added that a “couple of weeks, and it’ll all be done.”

Harp noted in his report to the board that new pavement was poured at Lauren Lane on Oct. 29. He also wrote in his report that only the outside lane of Gunnar Lane remained to be paved as of Oct. 30. But as he told the board in person (in addition to including it in his written report), it was poured the following day.

Speaking about Feutz Contractors and the pace at which the company has been working, Public Works Director Larry Coloni sounded pretty pleased.

“It’s pretty impressive,” Coloni told the board and Harp. “This crew said they were going to get it done and they did.”
Gruenewald was also complimentary of the timely work being done.

“That’s good,” he said of the possibility of the project being completed early. “It saves money and saves residents on inconvenience.”

While Feutz’s original schedule had called for a five-day workweek, Coloni reported to the board at its last meeting that crews had actually been working six days per week and late into the evening sometimes past 7 p.m.

The contractor’s original estimate for the project was $754,014.25, which easily beat the nearest competitor’s bid.

Harp’s report to the board did give a heads up that a change order would be presented at the next board meeting. The change was for overexcavating and replacement of “extremely poor soil on the inside lane of Jacobs Way just south of the Gunnar intersection.” Harp wrote that the final price for the change order was not yet available but that it would likely be less than $6,000.

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