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EF-0 tornado visits village

Thursday, July 30, 2015

July 11 storm’s 85 mph winds cause damage

Forsyth residents got hit with some pretty serious weather on July 11. According to the National Weather Service, the storm that roared through northern Macon County was considered an EF-0 tornado. Much of the damage that resulted happened right here in Forsyth, and it left quite a mess in its wake.

There was roof damage and structural damage around the village, according to Public Works director Larry Coloni. The aftermath saw lots of downed trees and broken windows.

“The National Weather service said we had 85 mph sustained winds,” Coloni said. “We got lucky. We could have had more damage than we did.”

Coloni said the storm skipped its way across the Beaver Creek subdivision and over the Park Place neighborhood, causing minor roof damage. It uprooted trees in both neighborhoods, he said.

There was also damage south of Cox Street, on Jacobs Way in the Eagle Ridge subdivision, Coloni said, adding that there was some minor roof damage also on Cale Court.

The flooding that resulted after the storm was quite impressive, especially at Oakland Park and on the walking path near County Highway 20 between Hundley Road and Forsyth Parkway. It was pretty typical of what’s seen every year when Stevens Creek crests over its banks, Coloni said.

Coloni reported to trustees on July 20 that on the night of the storm his staff was out removing downed trees for three hours so that emergency vehicles could get through. At about midnight, the Macon County Sheriff’s Office dispatch requested that warning signs be placed at Hundley Road and Greenbrier Drive due to flooding. Early the following morning, the sheriff’s dispatch called to request more warning signs for Oakland Avenue due to additional flooding.

Coloni reported that it took three days for his department to finish picking up limbs all around the village that had been knocked down during the storm. 

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