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Erosion repairs won’t wait in two areas of the Village

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Public Works Director Larry Coloni noted in a memo to Mayor Marilyn Johnson, Village Administrator David Strohl and the Board of Trustees that the Village has two locations that need repair due to erosion and ponding water.

One location, the North Trail Bridge at Hundley Road has its trail washed out every year from flooding, and the other location is the discharge pipe from Hickory Point Estates, which sees such high-velocity water roaring through that it does repeat damage.

When Stevens Creek comes over its banks, the moving water becomes a powerful force. The North Trail Bridge, which crosses over the creek near the intersection of Hundley Road and County Highway 20, takes the brunt of that force usually more than one time a year.

When it does happens, the bridge, which is less than 10 years old and is well known to users of the Village’s trail system, is under substantial water. The erosion that results from the flooding and accompanying moving water has taken its toll over the years.

This is not a new problem. Back in 2014, Coloni said he had been applying the occasional Band-Aid of road pack, which is a gravel that compacts effectively and is used on gravel driveways and as a base for asphalt pavements.

The flooding “overwhelms that bridge” and it “eats away at the dirt and gravel,” Coloni said at the time. He added that eventually a more permanent solution would have to be pursued.

With a more long-term solution in mind and at Coloni’s recommendation, on November 7 trustees approved concrete work for erosion repairs at both sites to be done by Otto Baum Company. The motion to approve was made by Trustee Jim Peck and seconded by Trustee Bob Gruenewald. All votes were Yea.

Two bids had been considered. Baum’s came in at $18,050; and C.L. Rhodes Concrete Construction bid the job at $25,862.

As for a time frame, Coloni said the work needs to be done before spring. 

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