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Forsyth commits $10K to baseball field improvements

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Board of Trustees passed an agreement as requested by the Forsyth Youth League to fund $10,000 in improvements to Diamond No. 1. The funding will come from money still held in the hotel/motel tax fund.

Forsyth Youth League President Mike Turner pledged a partnership with the village by adding another $5,000 to the project from the league’s funds. He also said the group would provide volunteer labor for the project.

It is Turner’s belief that the improvements, in particular a grass infield for Diamond No. 1, will attract travel baseball teams to the community for tournaments.

“If the tournaments are a successful endeavor, and I don’t know why that wouldn’t happen,” Turner said, he believes the result will be more visitors patronizing local restaurants, shops and hotels. The village would benefit from added sales tax revenue that the tournaments would generate.

Trustee Bob Gruenewald expressed concern there might not be enough fields for the youngest league players because the tournaments will involve older youth teams. Turner said there would be plenty of room to accommodate players of all ages.

“We believe there are adequate diamonds (for all ages), or I would not have come before you,” Turner said.

Turner told the board he’d conferred for several hours with staff members from the Decatur Area Convention and Visitors Bureau because hosting baseball tournaments is part of the organization’s expertise.

Trustee Steve Hubbard motioned to fund the improvements to Diamond No. 1 and enter into an agreement with the youth league. Trustee Dave Wendt seconded the motion. Before the vote, Trustee Bob Rasho asked Village Treasurer Rhonda Stewart if there were enough funds in the hotel/motel fund to cover the cost, which Stewart affirmed. The motion passed unanimously.

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