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Forsyth Family Fest 2015 — Truly no place like home

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Forsyth Park is our place to meet up every year to celebrate this nice village that we call home. Once again we came together to enjoy a meal, to ride the carnival rides, to dance to live music, to watch fireworks and to just be together. The weather in this part of the country is always the wild card, but luck was with us.

As wet as it’s been in Central Illinois during these last weeks of spring, it’s hard to imagine anyone around the area feeling lucky when it comes to recent weather. That’s especially true if you’ve been involved with trying to put on the biggest outdoor event of the season.

Other than relocating carnival rides and some parking, the 2015 version of the Forsyth Family Fest really did pretty well by the weatherman.

A notice sent out prior to the start of the weekend by the Family Fest Committee explained the understandable and minor change of plans:

“Due to the very soggy ground, we had to set up the carnival rides on the back parking lot by the tennis courts and playground. We will have still have parking in the lot off of Weaver and overflow parking on the WEST side of Forsyth Parkway only. Additionally, the lot between ball diamonds #4 & #5 will be available.

“Especially Friday night, we ask that our more able-bodied residents park along the Parkway so that our residents with mobility issues don’t have so far to walk for the cookout.”

So, the recent rains made for some sloppy areas, but it didn’t interrupt the weekend’s activities. And, about an hour after the last of the grand finale fireworks brightened the skies, the rain came pouring back down again.

One of the highlights of the weekend came during the parade on Saturday morning in the form of a float that carried Mayor Marilyn Johnson and several trustees.

Several weeks ago, Shauna Bohlmann, who is part of the Forsyth Family Fest planning committee, had the idea that maybe the mayor and trustees could ride on the village’s float wearing Wizard of Oz costumes as part of the weekend’s “There’s No Place Like Home” theme.

And, Johnson, et al, did not disappoint. We saw Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Lion, the Scarecrow and Glenda the Good Witch all on board that village float. Dorothy (Mayor Johnson) even brought Toto along.

With children giggling, scrambling for candy being gently tossed from floats, and with friends greeting friends and family, the upbeat feel of the parade set the tone for another successful weekend in the park.

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