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Forsyth Family Fest gets green light for 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Trustees recently reaffirmed their support for continuing the Forsyth Family Fest in 2012. They also pledged their individual volunteer support of the event to trustee Marilyn Johnson, who serves as its coordinator.

This followed comment from Village Administrator Heather Kimmons, who told trustees she had received some complaints about spending nearly $40,000 in taxpayer money to stage the annual community event. “I can count [the complaints] on one hand, but they are loud,” she said in asking for reaffirmation of the fest’s continuance.

Trustee Johnson, a longtime fest organizer who worked with a four-member committee last year, discounted the isolated complaints and said there was more support from those who viewed the approaching 25th anniversary as “…something special for all of our residents.” Support for continuing the fest without a formal committee would require a commitment from each trustee, she said, and she asked for help in implementing ideas and plans for the two-day event to be held June 15-16.

Trustee Bob Rasho said he has been supportive in the past and will continue his support this year, but suggested in the future a way should be found to fund the fest without the benefit of taxpayer money.

“Get us out of that involvement as a government entity,” he said. Trustees were unanimous in a vote to establish an ad hoc committee once again this year with Johnson as the chair.

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