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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Items of interest from Village staff and the July 15 Board meeting

  • The Public Works Department started fogging to kill mosquitoes on July 5. Public Works Director Larry Coloni said the process actually began in May with a larvicide treatment that is applied to standing water and catch basins. The fogging that most of us are familiar with has some limitations, Coloni said, noting that it’s ineffective when the temperature is below 60 degrees and when the wind is blowing above 5 mph. It is harmless to people and pets, he said. Coloni warned that you could be providing a breeding environment for mosquitoes and don’t realize it. He said gutters that hold water, a water dish left outside for your dog, a bird bath or a water landscape feature like a pond are all danger spots. Coloni and his crews respond to complaints in specific areas and keep up the work in one form or another from May through September, ending with the first frost in October. Coloni said it’s pretty simple to know when the program is working: “When people aren’t getting bothered.”
  • The Macon County Sheriff’s Department was represented by a deputy at the July 15 board meeting. The deputy described a recent incident at the Von Maur store at Hickory Point Mall where three burglary suspects were pursued as they ran toward Weaver Road. One suspect was caught while the other two escaped. The department is still seeking the other two suspects and is working with law enforcement in Normal regarding the possibility of a retail theft ring.

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