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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Items of interest from village staff and recent board meetings

  • On July 6, Deputy Cassandra Barnes reported that in June emergency personnel performed CPR on a 12-year-old resident who was unconscious and not breathing and later airlifted to St. Louis for surgery. Trustee Steve Hubbard added that the boy is now doing fine.
  • Back in April, Trustee Bob Gruenewald pointed to sales tax revenues trending up for four consecutive months at that time, but he included a caveat that some of those numbers could be called minor. On June 15, Gruenewald again noted sales tax figures were rising, now for six months in a row. This time there was no need to qualify the numbers as he pointed to an increase of $10,000 — a sign, he said, that “business is improving.”
  • Also at the June 15 meeting, Gruenewald asked Public Works Director Larry Coloni about cleaning the water tower near the park. Coloni said the work will be done toward the end of summer when it’s likely to be less windy, stormy and soggy. Coloni said current conditions are perfect for growing mold, but he said an inhibitor will be applied once the tower is cleaned up, adding that the tower gets painted every 10-15 years. Gruenewald suggested that maybe it should be painted every four years.
  • The next regular meeting of the Forsyth Board of Trustees is scheduled for Monday, July 20, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. in Village Hall at 301 S. Route 51 in Forsyth. Board meetings are held the first and third Mondays of the month and are open to the public. 

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