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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Items of interest from Village staff and the April 15 Board meetings

  • Macon County Sheriff's deputies credit "excellent police work" for the swift capture of two individuals suspected of the armed robbery of the Midwest Cellular store by Hickory Point Mall on April 14. Two days later, deputies also worked quickly, this time to evacuate residents from homes on west Stevens Creek Circle following a discovery of potential hand grenades in a fire hydrant being worked on by a member of the Public Works department. The U of I bomb squad was called in to assist as a safety precaution, and it was soon determined that the grenades were only realistic toy models.
  • Forsyth resident John Moody has been named the new editor of Village Vision newsletter, following unanimous Board approval of Moody’s revised cost estimate for producing the newsletter twice each month. Under the terms of the new contract, the total cost of producing and printing the newsletter, less postage, will be $31,560 annually, an increase of $8,760 over the previous cost. The only other bid for producing the newsletter, at a cost of $64,320, had been received following the April 1 Board meeting. Before the vote, Trustee Bob Rasho had asked that termination provisions be included in the contract in the event the Board should choose to discontinue the newsletter.
  • At the April 25 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, the members will hear requests for two possible new developments in the Village. The meeting is open to public and will begin at 6:30 p.m. at Village Hall.
  • Trustees approved a request to move forward on a single window replacement for Forsyth Public Library. Several library windows and the emergency exit doors have been leaking and causing water damage in the library for some time, possibly since the addition now housing the library was completed in 1997, according to Library Director Rachel Miller. The replacement, which will be completed by a team of B & B Glass and Quality Concrete and More, will serve as a test to determine the extent of any hidden water damage that may have resulted from the leaking and help determine the scope of work needed for repairs and replacing the other library windows. “It’s now to the point where the water is traveling inside the walls,” Miller told trustees.
  • Trustees opted to go with the less costly option for Elwood Street improvements and approved authorization for design work to be done for asphalt overlay to Elwood Street south of Cox Street, The overlay will extend the functionality of the street for another 25 years, according to Village Administrator Mike Miller. Village Engineer Chuck Hunsinger offered preliminary estimates of $538,000 for the asphalt overlay compared to $960,000 for full replacement with concrete, noting that asphalt had the lowest overall life cycle cost. The project’s projected total cost, as included in the 2013-14 fiscal budget, stood at $1.04 million.
  • After approving an amendment to the 2012-13 fiscal budget, trustees approved adoption of the 2013-14 fiscal budget. After the vote, resident Sid Audiffred spoke to trustees about his perceived need for better communication about the workings of the budget to the residents, noting that almost half the budget was categorized in a line item under “Other Expenditures.” He encouraged the Board to publish an annual report beyond posting the budget breakdowns on the Village’s website, noting that not everyone has access to the Internet. “Maybe some of these figures could be given more exposure in Village Vision or another publication,” said Trustee Bob Rasho.
  • Test boring for a seventh possible well site for the Village will proceed after trustee approval at the April 15 Board meeting. Layne Christensen Co. had submitted the only bid estimate in 2012 for the drilling at a cost of $21,985 and has agreed to abide by that quote after the Village delayed acting on it in 2012, said Village Engineer Chuck Hunsinger. The Village’s option to purchase the test site expires Dec. 17 of this year.

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