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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Items of interest from Village staff and the May Board meetings

  • Appearances before the Board at both May meetings by a Macon County Sheriff’s Department deputy described the Village as quiet with only a few retail thefts to report. It was also reported that residents should notice an increase in bike patrols during warm-weather months.
  • The fate of two not-for-profit foundations hangs in the balance. It appears the foundations for the library and the parks, both established in 1996, have been overlooked for several years. Both were established so that tax-deductible donations could be made to benefit either the library or the parks. There has been little activity or donations since the foundations were formed. Foundation bylaws require annual meetings, and there is no evidence that any meetings have ever been held. Village staff awaits direction from the Foundation Board in determining the future of both foundations.
  • The Decatur Automotive Association holds its weeklong tent sale near Hickory Point Mall twice a year. Last summer’s sale saw 125 vehicles sold, while 34 were sold in the fall. This year’s summer sale is set for June 6-10. Village Administrator Mike Miller estimates the Village’s 1 percent portion of the sales tax associated with those sales to be approximately $45,000. The Village’s rebate of $7 per vehicle comes to $1,113. According to the Village’s comprehensive economic development plan, the tent sale is a good fit because it promotes tourism that attracts shoppers from a wide geographic area and provides financial benefit to the Village.

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