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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Items of interest from the Sept. 20 Board meeting


  • Trustees reviewed and approved an ordinance establishing a procedure for making external appointments to governmental or private organizations and boards. 
  • Most of the cleanup has been completed on the 2010 street improvements project. Final grading and seeding along Lucile Avenue is on hold while the utility companies move lines, according to a report from Village Engineer Chuck Hunsinger. Trustees approved a change order reduction in the amount of $13,340.20 for contract quantities, but Hunsinger reported a later change order will be for an increase of slightly less than $13,000 for additional work.
  • Trustees engaged in a lengthy discussion before approving revised job descriptions for the Village clerk, Village treasurer and administrative assistant,. They further clarified that the Village clerk will assist the Village administrator, who serves as the Freedom of Information Officer (FOIA). In addition, Village Administrator Heather Kimmons will prepare ordinances to clarify that the Village Treasurer and Village Clerk, although appointed officers distinct from employees, are considered Village personnel and serve as members of the Administrative Department.


  • Trustees discussed possible amendments to the Village's liquor license ordinance to allow the sale of wine and beer at gasoline stations. In other alcohol-related news, the Macon County Sheriff's Office offered to assist the Village with a program designed to train restaurant personnel/servers on protocol that would aid in its alcohol compliance checks.


  • In comparing fiscal years 2009-10 and 2010-11 from the same period last year, Village Treasurer Rhonda Stewart reported that the Village sales tax is down $8,790.65.
  • A new pump for the fountain by the Veterans Memorial in Forsyth Park will replace one damaged by a lightening strike, according to a report from Public Works Director Larry Coloni. 
  • Deputies from the Macon County Sheriff's Office reported residential burglaries are presently confined to the northwest corner of the county. While no apprehensions have been made for the recent home and car burglaries within the Village, deputies say the absence of new incidents could signal that the perpetrator(s) are already in jail. Trustees will consider a request from the Macon County Sheriff's Office to install two sets of flashing lights in the school zones along County Highway 20.

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