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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Items of interest from the Oct. 18 Board meeting


  • Village Administrator Heather Kimmons identified and corrected a potential loophole to the advertising provision included in the amendments to the Village liquor license classifications ordinance before trustees voted Oct. 18 to accept Ordinance No. 809 with the minor change. Trustee Larry Reed cast the only ""no"" vote.
  • Trustees received a construction timeline from Halverson Construction Co. which was scheduled to begin work Oct. 25 on pedestrian bridge repairs to the Weaver Road bridge. Anticipated completion was within three weeks, depending on the weather. Pedestrians will not be able to use the bridge during working hours or for the 48 hours when the concrete sidewalk is removed and replaced. At the same time repairs are being made to the pedestrian bridge, the company will remove and replace the bearings on the highway portion of the bridge. It will be necessary to stop traffic on Weaver Road while raising and lowering the bridge. Intermittent traffic stops will last up to 10 minutes between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. It is anticipated that as many as 10 traffic interruptions will be needed to complete the work. The remaining highway bridge work will resume April 4, 2011, with completion expected by mid-June, according to a company report.
  • Trustees agreed in principle to the representation agreement regarding the Barclay Public Library district taxation litigation and followed the discussion with a consensus in support of Village Administrator Heather Kimmons' coordination of procedural matters with Village Attorney Darrell Woolums. Additionally, Kimmons will take the lead to facilitate a resolution to the ponding problem earlier identified in the Greenbrier subdivision.
  • Trustees authorized Village Administrator Heather Kimmons to enter into a contract to purchase energy with a supplier at a time and with terms deemed most advantageous to the Village. 
  • Easement agreements have been reached for the Oreana water main project, and trustees authorized Village Engineer Chuck Hunsinger to advertise for bids after Oreana advertises their portion of the project.
  • Trustees approved a computer fund transfer in order to release funds to pay for the computer hardware as authorized Oct. 4. 
  • Trustees returned from a closed session and voted to release meeting minutes from a closed session on June 7, 2010.
  • Trustees authorized releasing funds of $19,687.50 from the sewer budget for water treatment lime sludge removal for one of four Village lagoons.


  • Hampton Inn personnel reported the recent harassment of guests who received in-house phone calls warning them of impending danger due to a gas leak. Deputies from the Macon County Sheriff's Office advised recipients of such calls to verify the information with the front desk of the Hampton Inn before taking action as suggested by the prankster(s).
  • Trustees heard a highlights of the financial statements and independent auditor's report for the year ending April 30, 2010 before approving the report and commending Village Treasurer Rhonda Stewart for a job well done.

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