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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Items of interest from the Feb. 22 Board meeting


  • Trustees unanimously voted to divide $90,500 in hotel/motel taxes among six special interest groups after considering their funding requests. Also gaining a unanimous vote was additional funding in the amount of $26,000 to be taken from the Village’s general fund and divided among five other groups.
  • Trustees unanimously approved three separate ordinances prepared by Village Attorney Darrell Woolums to approve a special use permit for signage at Power Wash Services and to grant special use permits for a monument sign at Aspen Dental and a second wall sign at Waite’s Drycleaners, respectively. The vote came following action taken Feb. 7 when the applicants presented their requests to trustees.
  • Trustees tabled further discussion on the future of Village’s resident advisory committees following a recommendation from Village Administrator Heather Kimmons based on the fact that trustee Jeff Allsup was not in attendance (see related article, front page). Also postponed was a discussion of the legal and engineering contracts, also attributed to Allsup’s absence.
  • Trustees opted to defer any action on Forsyth’s participation in the Tri-City Business Forum since the group’s future plans are tentative for the remainder of the year.
  • Trustees discussed Forsyth’s participation in the Community Leaders Breakfast and decided to retain the eight tickets the Village normally purchases for use by trustees and staff. The discussion followed a suggestion from trustee Bob Rasho who said he didn’t see the benefit of using taxpayers’ money for this expenditure.


  • Mayor Hap Gilbert announced at the Feb. 22 Board meeting that Menards is expanding its grocery section and will offer bread and buns beginning Feb. 28.
  • The Village recently received $177,979.28 in sales tax receipts based on sales in October. This figure compares to $170,839.09 collected for the same period the previous year, according to a report from Village Treasurer Rhonda Stewart.
  • The Oreana water main project is on hold until that community purchases the pumping station site. Oreana may complete the property purchase by the end of February, according to a report from Village Engineer Chuck Hunsinger.
  • Staff from the Public Works Department has completed 57 percent of water meter replacements and 22 percent of sump pump inspections, according to a written report from Public Works Director Larry Coloni.
  • Forsyth Public Library plans to hold its annual magazine sale April 8 and 9 pending approval from Board trustees. In other library news, Plan B to make the library more accommodating to staff and patrons will be completed once the seating order arrives and is in place for the young adult section, according to a report from Head Librarian Jean Campbell.
  • Village Treasurer Rhonda Stewart reported total revenues of $9,218.50 for the Great Regional Chili & Salsa Cookoff held Jan. 15 at Hickory Point Mall. After the Village pays expenses of $3,462.07 for the one-day event, the remainder of the monies will be split between Catholic Charities ($2,878.22) and the Salvation Army ($2,878.21).

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