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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Items of interest from the April 18 Board meeting


  • Mayor Hap Gilbert said while he is in full support of the current professional staff, including Village Attorney Darrell Woolums and Village Engineer Chuck Hunsinger, he takes full responsibility for the lack of timely reviews of their contracts. Trustees were unanimous in deciding to have staff review the current legal and engineering contracts and to develop a request for proposal (RFP) for the two contracts while simultaneously advising them on how to proceed with soliciting proposals for each.
  • Trustees unanimously approved an ordinance in support of the Board’s earlier decision to grant a special use permit to Hickory Point Mall for a new electronic sign at its Rt. 51 entrance.
  • Trustees voted unanimously to allow the Taj of India restaurant to install two additional outdoor signs, including one at the restaurant’s entrance and a second one on the south side of the building. Tabled was a decision to retain a blank wall sign on the north side of the building pending staff’s contact with the building’s owner.
  • Trustees authorized a year end resolution proposed by Village Treasurer Rhonda Stewart to adjust specific line items in the current 2010-11 budget. Stewart said if a particular budgeted line item were to be underspent, some of those budgeted amounts would transfer into a budgeted line item that was overspent.

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