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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Items of interest from Village staff and the Sept. 19 Board meeting


  • Mike Poe, director of the summer recreation program, presented a summary report to the Village trustees along with some recommendations for next year. Although the number of families served declined significantly this year, the program’s expenses also declined, so the program cost the Village far less than the preceding years. Overall, an average of 76 families had one or more children attend at least one summer recreation program or event.
  • After receiving five bids for the Village’s surplus leaf vacuum, the Board unanimously approved selling the equipment to Luke Schmid of Equipmentcity LLC in Clinton for his high bid of $5,125.
  • Trustees unanimously approved a request from Village Treasurer Rhonda Stewart to update the list of banks approved to accept Village banking deposits to include Hickory Point Bank, Busey Bank, Illinois Funds, Soy Capital and Regions Bank. The list had not been updated since 2004.

    In a subsequent action, the Board split over a request to diversify Village reserve funds and authorize the opening of a new general funds account at Hickory Point Bank and/or Soy Capital Bank. Mayor Hap Gilbert cast the deciding “yes” vote to authorize the transfer of $2 million of the Village’s approximately $4.8 million in general fund reserves from Illinois Funds to one of the two banks or split it evenly between the two. The two banks were selected based on their interest rates as of Aug. 31 as well as the fact that neither requires banking fees.
  • Trustees unanimously approved a request to advertise for bids on the water main project for the new Shadow Ridge subdivision north of County Highway 20. Their decision followed a discussion of whether to bid out the project next spring in combination with the Oreana water main project, since it appears that the Oreana project will not be ready for bid until then. However, an expected winter price increase and additional engineering needed to combine the two projects could offset any cost savings of combining the two. Also, ground conditions for proceeding with the Shadow Ridge project this fall are “very good,” according to a report from Village Administrator Heather Kimmons.
  • The Board approved a request from Miles Chevrolet Inc, in Decatur for a $7 per car sales tax rebate for the dealer’s fall tent sale at Hickory Point Mall on Sept. 22-26. Miles was the only dealer planning to participate in a tent sale at the mall this fall, Kimmons said.

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