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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Items of interest from Village staff and the Nov. 7 Board meeting


  • Trustees approved a staff recommendation to approve two ordinances affecting zoning variances and special use permits for McDonald’s.
  • All trustees present at the Nov. 7 Board meeting unanimously approved a recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission to grant Hickory Point Bank and Trust special use permits for an existing free-standing sign and the addition of a wall sign with the only change on the signage to be that of the logo. Approval on the permits was contingent upon the owner adding some type of landscaping around the base of the free-standing sign.
  • New business items approved by trustees on Nov. 7 include:
    • approval of an ordinance to enact and adopt a supplement to the Village’s code of ordinances;
    • authorization to renew the liability and worker’s compensation insurance; and
    • approval to revise and update the Village’s purchasing policy.


  • The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) has issued a construction permit for the Village’s Shadow Ridge water main extension but is requiring installation of valves on both sides of Stevens Creek and a by-pass water meter at one valve. The addition of the valves will require a change order amounting to a $10,500 in additional costs, according to a report from Village Engineer Chuck Hunsinger.
  • Twenty trees will be planted along the new trail to Shadow Ridge Estates, and burning bushes will be added on the Eagle Ridge Estates berm along Elwood Street, according to a report from Public Works Director Larry Coloni.
  • Deputies from the Macon County Sheriff’s Office reported there were three DUIs within the Village during the previous week.
  • Steve Langhoff is chair and Colleen Brinkoetter is vice-chair for the newly formed Planning and Zoning Commission following an organizational meeting held Oct. 27. Village Clerk Kathy Mizer will be secretary. Former Zoning Board of Appeals member Bob Bachtold will replace Jim Luckenbill and will join Langhoff, Brinkoetter, Bill Busbey, Dennis Downey, Larry Perkins and Kermit Stokes as volunteer members of the commission. Alternates will be Mike Heneghan and Scott Spriggs.

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