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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Items of interest from Village staff and the Nov. 21 Board meeting


  • Trustees unanimously voted to renew a parking agreement with Forsyth United Methodist Church for a one-year period beginning Dec. 1.
  • The new owners of the Comfort Inn at 134 Barnett Avenue may retain a pole sign at that location following a unanimous vote of trustees. Chairman Steve Langhoff presented the Planning and Zoning Commission’s recommendation in support of the petitioner’s request.
  • Trustees approved two change orders for 2011 street improvements. The final contract amount of $540,798.91 is $13,277.79 less than the bid amount, according to Village Engineer Chuck Hunsinger.


  • Trustees did not reach a resolution on Dec. 5 following an extended discussion on the possibility of reducing or eliminating the current three percent hotel/motel tax. Village Administrator Heather Kimmons said the matter is a policy determination to be made by the Board. (See details next issue.)
  • Trustee Eric Morr reported he has received resident inquiries concerning the sale of synthetic drugs, asking how involved the Village can be in prohibiting the sales. Another trustee discussion centered on abandoned railroad land on the east side of the Village. Hickory Point Fire Protection District wants to store its homeland protection equipment in a shed on a portion of the land. Mayor Hap Gilbert said both matters would come under advisement of the Board at a later time.
  • A pre-construction conference was held Dec. 7 on the Shadow Ridge Estates water main construction project.
  • An employee Christmas luncheon will be held in place of the traditional Village-hosted Christmas dinner for advisory committee members, trustees and employees and their guests, according to report from Village Administrator Heather Kimmons. She said the reduced number of advisory committees as well as a desire to minimize the use of taxpayer dollars on non-essential events account for eliminating the Christmas dinner.

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