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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Items of interest from Village staff and the April 2 Board meeting


  • At the April 2 Board meeting, Village trustees revisited four hotel/ motel tax funding requests that had been denied during the previous Board meeting. Trustee Larry Reed had asked that the requests be put back on the agenda for a vote since two trustees, Steve Hubbard and Eric Morr, had been absent at the March 19 meeting when trustees had voted 3-1 to deny petitions submitted by BassMaster Tournament, MidState Soccer, Millikin University and Shoreline Classic. After a lengthy discussion, and despite Reed’s suggestion that the amounts granted be reduced from the original requests, trustees reaffirmed denial of all four. A 4-2 vote was cast on each item, with Steve Hubbard joining Reed in favor of approving funding.
  • Trustees accepted a Planning and Zoning Commission recommendation and approved a special use permit for Comfort Inn. The permit will allow owner Vik Bhakta to change the color and wording of two nonconforming pole signs for the hotel to say Quality Inn instead of Comfort Inn, reflecting a corporate name change. The nonconforming signs themselves had been approved through a 2005 special use permit requested by the previous owner and approved by the Village Board at that time.
  • Trustees approved vacating an easement in order to allow the purchase of the Buffalo Wild Wing lot. This lot is one of four lots comprising the One Market Place development. Additional development had been planned to the west of the current development, but the area is now owned by Centrue Bank due to foreclosure on the property. According to attorney Frank Ierulli, who represents the bank, the easement was originally meant for utilities and drainage for the planned development, but it now sits unused in the middle of the property, hampering the sale of Lot No. 4. The trustees’ approval to vacate the easement followed a Planning and Zoning Commission recommendation and will permit the purchase of Lot No. 4 to move forward.
  • Trustees unanimously approved a motion to allow staff to proceed with work on the Cox Street improvement plans, Phase IV, to include a 12-inch water main.
  • Trustees unanimously authorized Village staff to obtain the necessary easements for the Hundley Road sewer extension project. Plans for the project are currently with the IEPA for review.
  • Trustees voted to adopt a cafeteria plan for eligible employees who will be paying 25 percent of their claimed dependents’ health insurance premiums. The plan, and employee contribution, go into effect May 1.
  • Through lack of a motion, trustees decided against appointing an ad hoc committee for the purpose of organizing gifts for players and raffle prizes for the Futures charity golf tournament at Hickory Point Golf Course in June. In addition, trustees also decided against allocating any funding to the tournament for that purpose beyond the $20,000 they had granted out of the hotel-motel taxes in March.


  • The Village's 2012-13 fiscal budget will come before Board members for a final approval on April 19. Trustees unanimously approved the updated draft after an April 2 public hearing drew no comments.
  • Village deputies reported “drastic improvements” in the conduct of area youth at Hickory Point Mall on Saturday evenings following continued diligence in monitoring the situation and taking action when necessary. Deputies are also increasing their bike patrols of the Village now that spring has arrived.
  • By consensus, trustees agreed to pursue strengthening of the current code of conduct ordinance, which Village attorney Jeff Jurgens called “the bare minimum” as dictated by state statutes. Jurgens presented a possible draft policy to trustees for consideration as well as a draft of a hotel/motel funding request policy to help expedite future allocation decisions by the Board.

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