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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Items of interest from Village staff and the Nov. 5 Board meeting


  • Signs have been posted at Forsyth Library indicating new temporary locations for several materials as work continues on a fix for the library’s structural problem, according to a report from Library Director Rachel Miller. At the Nov. 5 Board meeting, Miller asked for guidance on whether to pursue a possible grant that could help pay for the repairs through Rep. Bill Mitchell’s (R-Forsyth) office. The grant is issued by the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO). Approval was given once Mayor Hap Gilbert broke a tie vote. Trustees Eric Morr, Bob Rasho and Kerstin Trachtenberg opposed the measure, citing state government’s financial inability to pay its bills on time.
  • The Village will grant a waiver for a sidewalk construction requirement and enter into an extension agreement with Horve Builders for four lots in the Grayhawk subdivision. Trustees agreed with developer Jeff Horve, who said that lack of sidewalks on these lots does not impact the safe passage of pedestrians and bicyclists to the Village’s bike path system. Sidewalks at these locations will be constructed once homes are built, Horve said.
  • Former trustee Don Van Lyssel of 857 Cara Chris Lane has been appointed as an alternate to the Planning and Zoning Commission, and Judy May of 882 Jasons Way will fill a vacancy on the Tree Board following trustee approval Nov. 5.
  • Village officials elected in 2013 will retain the same amount of compensation as Mayor Hap Gilbert and trustees currently receive following the defeat of a motion by trustee Bob Rasho to reduce the annual payment from $4,500 to $3,600 for the mayor and from $2,500 to $2,000 for individual trustees.


  • Trustees will resume discussion on term limits for elected officials following an introduction of the concept at the Nov. 5 Board meeting. Trustee Bob Rasho credited resident Sid Audiffred with calling attention to this matter during a recent Board meeting in which he asked to have the question included on the ballot for the upcoming April 9 consolidated election. Rasho asked for input from Village residents as the discussion continues at the Nov. 19 Board meeting beginning at 6:30 p.m. in Village Hall.
  • The Macon County Sheriff’s Office continues to compile data pertaining to the eastward and westward radar checks for speeding violations along Talon Lane in the Grayhawk subdivision. Deputies reported no significant occurrences within the Village during the past several weeks other than the standard reports of retail thefts at the mall.
  • The Tree Board will purchase 20 trees and some shrubs for crews from the Public Works Department to plant this fall. A band of trees on the north side of the water treatment plant will create a natural screen for future development of the area, said Public Works Director Larry Coloni.
  • Both lanes of Cox Street on the Village’s east side will be open to local traffic beginning Nov. 16. The contractor intends to continue working until the winter months necessitate a shut down, according to Village Engineer Chuck Hunsinger. He said it will be too late in the year to pave the asphalt drives. Work will be finished in the spring with the sidewalk, grading and landscaping. Trustees approved a change order for the Cox Street construction with an increase of $3,167.80 for adjustments to the sanitary sewer services and the connection of a field tile into a storm drain. Other infrastructure projects have been completed with the opening of Marion Avenue. Hunsinger reported the only remaining work for the 2012 street improvements project is the construction of some sidewalks at the west end of Fairway Drive.
  • T.J. Jackson of Forsyth American Legion Post No. 2008 announced that a certificate of appreciation will be given to Forsyth Public Library in recognition of staff providing a meeting room for the group.
  • No vote was taken following a closed session Nov. 5 when trustees returned after discussing collective negotiating matters between public employers and their employees or representatives.

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