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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Items of interest from Village staff and the Nov. 19 Board meeting


  • In a 5-1 vote, trustees pledged monetary support of the 29th annual June golf tournament to be held at Hickory Point Golf Course. A $50,000 donation from the Village for the 2013 event will come from its hotel/motel taxes restricted for tourism efforts and will ensure a portion of the prize money for the developmental tour of the LPGA to continue in this area. Trustees pledged an additional $50,000 for the 2014 tournament with an equal amount anticipated from Decatur both years. Sponsorship donations from each community could ensure renaming the event as the Decatur- Forsyth Classic golf tournament.
  • Trustee Larry Reed cast the solitary “no” in a 5-1 vote as trustees agreed to put the issue of term limits for elected officials on the ballot for voters to decide during the upcoming April 9 election. Trustee Bob Rasho initially asked for a two-term limit for the mayor and all trustees, but after Board discussion he amended his motion to a limit of three consecutive terms as applicable to the candidate’s choice of office. (See details next issue.)
  • A Village resident living at 630 Phillip Circle withdrew his variance request for an exception to the zoning ordinance to allow a 10x10 shed on his property. The request had previously been denied by the Planning and Zoning Commission but had not gone to the Village Board for a vote. The Board did approve a request from a resident at 455 Park Place Court to construct a 22x10 four-season room addition to the west side of her property. The Board’s decision agreed with a previous Planning and Zoning Commission decision in favor of the request.
  • Trustees voted unanimously to establish a permanent committee to plan the 2013 Forsyth Family Fest scheduled for June.
  • Several change orders for increased amounts associated with the Hundley Road sewer extension project and the Cox Street Phase IV road improvement project were approved by trustees.
  • Village Administrator Mike Miller based his recommendation on cost effectiveness, and trustees agreed in a unanimous vote to take advantage of the additional cost savings from the one-time payments option to the Illinois Municipal League Risk Management Association (IMLRMA) for liability insurance.


  • Bid documents for correcting a structural problem and associated floor vibrations at Forsyth Public Library have been submitted for publication, according to Library Director Rachel Miller. Bids are due Dec. 10.
  • Motorists continue to ignore a stop sign at the intersection of Cale Court and West Forsyth Parkway, according to a report from the Macon County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies will monitor that area as well as a stop sign at the intersection of Ruehl and Grant streets where similar violations occur, according to trustee Marilyn Johnson. Johnson also suggested removal of the sign while asking deputies to provide an assessment of its need.
  • Resident Sid Audiffred of 5244 Yavapai Drive expressed concern about a lack information provided to Village residents on the issue of electrical aggregation.
  • Bill Busbey of 1217 Talon Lane asked about the status of a pocket park on the Village’s west side. Village Administrator Mike Miller responded that the location remains undecided, but ordered playground equipment will be used to retire aging equipment in the other Village pocket parks in the event a definitive location remains undecided.
  • Village Administrator Mike Miller reported completion of an evaluation of a Laborers Local 159 initial proposal. A counter proposal was delivered to union representatives in preparation for a Nov. 21 meeting with the bargaining teams.
  • A beaver problem behind Hickory Point Mall has destroyed five trees along a Village trail, according to Public Works Director Larry Coloni.
  • Only cleanup and landscaping remain to be done on the Forsyth section of the Oreana water main under construction, according to a report from Village Engineer Chuck Hunsinger. He said Oreana’s booster pumping station is scheduled for delivery in mid-December and may be operational by Jan. 1.

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