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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Items of interest from Village staff and the April 1 Board meetings

  • A public hearing will be held May 23 at 6:30 p.m. in Village Hall concerning the proposed unified development ordinance plan prepared by Mike Hoffman of Teska and Associates. The hearing follows a March 28 review of the draft plan by the Planning and Zoning Commission. At that same meeting, Hoffman led a training session for Commission members to cover their roles and duties as well as a review of meeting procedures. During the training, he noted that it is important to document all evidence of why a variance is granted or denied. Hoffman also suggested that all meeting motions should be stated in the affirmative for clarity in voting and tracking. “You can preface the motion by saying ‘I am not in favor of this,’ but an affirmative motion makes a much clearer way to [present the matter for a vote],” he said.
  • A Macon County Sheriff’s Office deputy reported little recent activity requiring attention, noting that Hickory Point Mall has hired two security guards to supplement deputies’ efforts in monitoring the mall.
  • After reviewing cost estimates from the single individual who completed an RFP to produce the Village Vision newsletter in response to advertisements and letter requests, trustees asked Village Administrator Mike Miller to do further research and negotiation to determine if the newsletter can be produced for closer to current costs. The individual’s estimate to produce the newsletter on its current bimonthly schedule was more than three times what has been paid in the past.

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