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Grass clippings seen as a potential pollutant

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Village in compliance with federal storm water rules

Keeping grass clippings off our streets is a simple way for everyone to pitch in and do their part to keep pollutants out of village storm sewers. As mowing and mulching season continues, this makes for a good time to remind residents to help reduce pollution by keeping litter, including grass clippings, off the streets.

Grass clippings, while organic and healthy for your lawn, can cause problems when they are allowed to enter storm sewers. The village is in compliance with federal mandates regarding storm water management. Dumping any type of waste into catch basins is prohibited and subject to a fine.

With that in mind, residents are encouraged not to leave grass clippings in the street and on sidewalks. Any waste that is not cleaned up — even something as seemingly harmless and natural as grass clippings — will likely end up in the storm sewer system and can potentially cause a backup.

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