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Great year for corn, beans on village’s farm

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nick Suess, farm manager for Busey Ag Services, recently made his annual report to the board regarding the results of the 2014 farming season.

The village owns farmland near the water treatment plant. Distribution for the year was $38,000, Suess reported.

Suess, who appeared before the board on Dec. 15, told trustees that 2014 had been a great year for agriculture, “And, your farm was no exception,” he said.

He described the weather “as a wetter year, but with the way the rain was spread out, we had a better year.” He went on to say that there weren’t any “downpours causing standing water to hurt crops.”

The corn crop for 2014, planted over 85 acres, yielded 241 bushels per acre. And, 56.68 acres of soybeans yielded 65.5 bushels per acre. Those results were, “All excellent numbers,” Suess said.

Grain prices, he noted in his memo to the village, have declined, but high yields helped offset the price decline.

He said the best strategy is to store some crop at harvest and sell some at a later date to spread out the sales throughout the year. He said that about 60 percent to 70 percent of the crop had been sold and that he would continue to sell the 2014 crop into 2015. Suess also said that he’d like to shift some expenses for early-pay discounts that will save 2 percent to 6 percent on expenses and allow for a cash reserve.

This upcoming planting season of 2015, Suess said he plans to reverse the crops so that 56.68 acres of Channel 215-59 corn will be planted, and 85 acres of Asgrow 3832 soybeans will be planted.

Lime has been applied to the 33-acre west field, he said, adding that that parcel will be soil tested next fall. He said that the soil test on the south 85-acre field had been completed.

The farm management fee was reported by Suess in his report at $2,911.01, which is 3 percent of the gross, he said.

“I anticipate keeping your distributions at about $35,000 to $40,000 going forward,” Suess said.

Village of Forsyth Farm

2014 Corn Harvest

  • 241 bushels per acre
  • 85 acres

2014 Soybean Harvest

  • 65.5 bushels per acre
  • 56.68 acres

Planting for 2015 (reversed from 2014)

  • 56.68 acres of Channel 215-59 corn will be planted
  • 85 acres of soybean seed

Asgrow 3832 will be planted.

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