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Greenbrier pump station gets emergency upgrade

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Public Works Director Larry Coloni spoke to trustees at the February 6 Board meeting about the condition of a pump station that serves the Greenbrier subdivision. The pump station’s control panel has failed and is now running on its backup system, which will not send an alarm if a failure occurs. Such a failure runs the risk of sewage backup for residents served by this pump station.

Coloni requested approval of up to $16,000 to upgrade the panel and purchase a new sewage pump. The control panel’s failure moved plans up to what Trustee Jim Peck termed a possible “emergency situation.” Peck said he had experienced such a backup in his own basement.

“I don’t want people to go through that,” Peck said. “There’s nothing worse.”

Coloni said the upgrade would take care of the problem and would provide a high-level alarm for any pump failure.

“We do have money in the budget for it,” Coloni said, referring to the fact that there was already money budgeted for a control panel upgrade for the sewer department in the amount of $30,000.

Coloni presented a quote from Metropolitan Pump Company, based in Romeoville, for $9,182.47, which includes parts, labor, programming, installation, startup, training and conversion of existing controls.

All votes were Yea; the motion carried.

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