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Guidelines put in place for village newsletter

Thursday, October 13, 2016

One objective of the village’s Strategic Plan is to review content, format and frequency of the Village Vision newsletter. With that in mind, Village Administrator David Strohl solicited input from trustees in recent weeks. His goal has been to ensure, via a policy discussion among board members, that their policy goals are being met by the newsletter in its current format. Last month, Strohl wrote in a memo to trustees that the purpose of putting the newsletter on the agenda was “to have a policy discussion to review current practices.”

Strohl noted that he participates in a local government information-sharing portal, and from that he gleaned that many other communities do publish newsletters but with less frequency. A number of them publish once a month, and a greater number still reported publishing quarterly while some publish six times per year.

Adopting an official policy, Strohl said would be “providing staff with direction on what trustees want in frequency and format.”

“Frequency, I like it two times a month,” Trustee Larry Reed said. “Size, I like the size it is.”

Trustees Steve Hubbard, Jim Peck and David Wendt agreed, with Peck saying he didn’t see a need to make any changes to the publication.

“I agree with other trustees,” Trustee Bob Gruenewald said. “The folks I’ve spoken with find it useful.”

Gruenewald added that he’d heard positive comments about the village having a publication not available in other communities where people he’d spoken to had lived before. Gruenewald said he was in support of keeping it as is.

The policy states that the “newsletter shall be used primarily to provide clear, consistent, objective, and timely information regarding village services, programs, procedures, policies, events and activities to residents, businesses, and other stakeholders.”

Among a number of areas suitable for publication are stories promoting economic development and local business activities. As has been the case, there remains no advertisements or third-party inserts allowed for publication.

Strohl emphasized that village news takes precedence for publication, and “non-village news is always subject to space limitations,” which is also part of the official resolution.

Wendt made the motion to approve Resolution No. 7-2016 to adopt a municipal newsletter policy, which was seconded by Gruenewald. All votes were Yea.

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