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Heavy rains put part of village underwater

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Just after Christmas, the area saw more than three days of heavy rain from a system that stretched across much of the Midwest and beyond. According to the National Weather Service in Lincoln, the Decatur area saw more than 6 inches of rain in that timespan. If you took a look around the village in the storm’s aftermath, it appeared that even more rain than was reported had fallen, especially with Stevens Creek over its banks.

A stretch of North Oakland Avenue had to be closed due to flooding, which gave the appearance of something more like late spring than early winter. Public Works Director Larry Coloni, who has been on the job here since 1991, called it the worst flooding he’s seen around the village.

“This was as bad as I have seen it,” Coloni said. “We had to place barricades throughout the village.”

With standing water on Hundley Road, West Hickory Point Road, Barnett East and Phillip Circle, Coloni’s crews were busy working overtime to keep up. Green spaces where you would usually walk, run or ride a bike required a kayak and a lifejacket. The water was deep and on the move.

The flooding on North Oakland kept residents who live in the Hickory Point Court and Deerfield Estates subdivisions from getting in or out of their homes.

“Emergency Management for Macon County requested we provide lodging or transportation for those affected until they were able to return to their homes,” Coloni said. “We were able to work with Decatur to provide transportation.”

Coloni said residents who could not get to their homes parked in the parking lot of First Church of the Nazarene on Hickory Point Road. From there they were driven home in SUVs.

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